Tips for Hiring an Air Conditioning Technician or Contractor

Air conditioning systems, whether at home or an office, require seasonal maintenance. There’s more to keeping an air conditioning u nit in tip top shape than cleaning the vents. There are certain tasks only proper air conditioning technicians can perform, especially electrical related maintenances tasks. You will find the need to hire an air conditioning technician at least once a year. Here are several tips to keep in mind when you do need to hire an air conditioning technician.

Make Sure the Technician Knows Your System

Most air conditioning technicians are familiar with the common types of HVAC systems. However, if you have a particular or a special air conditioning system, make sure the technician is qualified to check it thoroughly. To be sure, it’s best to hire the repair people from the same place that installed the system. For example if you have an evaporative air conditioning Adelaide system, ask the original installers where to hire technicians.

Experience is Important

As with many professions, experience is extremely valuable when it comes to hiring an air conditioning technician. If you hire from an agency or a contractor, check the company profile to find out how long they have been in businesses. It’s best to hire full time contractors than part time ones, who are more likely to be inexperienced. As mentioned above, the contractor should have experience in your particular type of system as well. You should also check for any professional certification the technician has.

Find Recommended Technicians

When you are not sure whom to hire, you can always ask friends, other businesses, or partners for recommendations. You can go online to read customer reviews for individual companies as well. Your local paper may have articles recommending services too. Reviews and recommendations are very important because they indicate good and responsible service.

Check for Legal Compliance

The technician or contractor you hire must have proper licensing from the state to provide air conditioning repair services. You should look up business or professional license numbers to make sure the contractor is legitimate. While people who show off fake licenses are rare in Australia, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Insurance is a Must

When you hire a technician or a contractor, they should come with full insurance for services provided. Liability and worker’s compensation should especially be covered by the insurance policy the contractor shows. You should request proof of insurance before you make the final decision to hire. The proof of insurance is a single page certificate that you should be able to verify.

Look Up the Contractor for Violations

Air conditioning repair and service contractors are required by law to obey all safety and health regulations set forth by the Australian government. With contractors, you should always look up for possible past violations the contractor may have committed. You can look this up for individual technicians as well, but it’s not always necessary. This step is very important if you own a large and complex air conditioning system.

Yes, hiring an air conditioning technician is more work than most people think. But following the above tips is essential to making sure you pay for the best services available in your area.

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