How To Start A Successful Handyman Business

If you’ve got a knack for fixing things, making quick repairs, and generally helping people out when they need a hand, you could have a profitable business opportunity right at your fingertips. With the right client base and a proper business model, a handyman can make a substantial amount of money; you just need a solid plan in place to make it work. Take these first steps if you’re considering opening your own handyman business, and get ready to become a legitimate entrepreneur.

  1. Show off your skills with some qualifications. There are plenty of people out there running handyman businesses who don’t have the qualifications to back up the claims on their advertising. You’ll always be a few steps ahead if you can prove your skills with certifications and licenses. Your customers will be far more likely to trust you, and you’ll open your business up to a broader client base. Check out how to get building license nsw and make sure you have the certifications necessary to do all the jobs available out there.
  2. Have the right ride. Running your own business usually requires decent transport, but working as a handyman makes this asset even more essential. You’ll be hauling plenty of tools and materials around with you on an average workday, so you’ll need a vehicle that can handle all of your equipment. Invest in a decent pick-up truck or van that runs well and can be trusted to keep you in business every day. You can always buy a good quality second hand model if your budget is limited, and then upgrade once your business builds up some momentum.
  3. Get the word out there. It’s impossible to find clients to work for if you don’t get your name out there. Make sure people in the area know about you and your services by doing some carefully targeted advertising. Flyers placed around your local area can be a great start, but you’ll get further if you use digital marketing to reach more people. Make yourself known on neighbourhood social media pages, and advertise your services on any relevant local business websites. Build your own website and social media pages to create some basic brand awareness around your new business.
  4. Start as you mean to go on. Even if you’re starting out with small, fairly low-paid jobs as a handyman, it’s important to make a strong first impression. Word of mouth can be a powerful advertising tool, so you want every customer you encounter to have a positive experience. Be friendly, professional, and efficient, and make sure your work is at a high standard regardless of the job.
  5. Have an expertise, but keep learning. It’s important to have a particular niche that you specialise in as a handyman, so that customers know they can come to you when they need advice or help with a particular project that you have an expertise in. However, you’ll also boost your business if you continue to expand your skill set. Maintain a standard of expertise in your niche, but feel free to grow in your industry by learning new skills as your business progresses. You never know when a particular skill could land you a highly paid job.

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