Reducing Our Electronic Footprint the Right Way

In the recent past, you have probably heard the term ‘carbon footprint’ just about everywhere. How about electronic footprint though? No? Well, just as its name implies, it involves the effect on our planet from using so many devices. That includes phones, iPods, mp3 players, laptops and so on. Since they are not so easy to dispose of as opposed to biodegradables, protecting earth from electronic pollution has proven necessary. Fortunately, advances in technology has meant that we can now turn to companies that offer recycling services for electronics. This is how they do it.


If you were to take in your old mobile phone for recycling, the first thing they would do, is inspect it thoroughly. They need to find out whether it works on some capacity and if so, can it be restored? If they can, then they will allocate it to charity so someone gets use out of it. It also allows them to see which part are working and which are not. They do this with every single item that reaches them, and it is a very methodical and thorough job.


Whatever does not pass the initial inspection is then taken apart and dismantled for parts. Since a device is made up of so many types of materials, such as plastic, steel, rubber, glass and so on, the item is then categorised and further broken down into each segment. This allows the company to efficiently segregate all the different materials which is useful when it comes to their next step. Take a look at electronic waste removal Melbourne to find out more, or go head and contact them to see how they can help you if you have been looking to do this for some time.


You are obviously wondering what they do with the broken down parts now. Well, they are re-allocated to others who use them to create new products. Creating a channel for re-use is such an important thing in our current situation, when we are trying to backtrack on the damage we have already caused. However, the phrase ‘better late than never’ is very apt in this situation, so if you have old devices that are not working anymore lying around, you now know what to do. It is also useful for companies, since electronic items are always in need of being tossed out.

Spread the Word

United we stand, divided we fall. This resonates in everything we do as the human race. We need to spread the word, and get people acting as a unit to help prevent further pollution. More of us need to take responsibility for our actions. Be more mindful in our daily lives. Every purchase contributes to something. The world is made up of individuals so if each one did their part, we could soon have it under control. Technology will keep bringing new devices, new inventions and new ways of living. Our job is to know how to mitigate the effects by living that life. We seem to be progressing, which is a good sign.

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