Pros and Cons of Swimming Pool Cover and Enclosure

Wondering about whether you should buy a pool cover or invest in a pool enclosure? Read below to find out both pros and cons of pool cover and enclosure and decide for yourself.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are tarp-like material that can be secured right above the surface of a pool. There is also slide-over pool cover that are sturdier than a tarp. Here are the pros and cons of a pool cover:



The main benefit of a tarp pool cover is that they are affordable compared to an enclosure. Vinyl tarp is quite cheap, so you won’t have to pay a lot for a small backyard pool.

Easy to Use

There is no complicated installation involved with pool covers. You can buy one, nail the holders to the ground, and then start to use the cover. When you need to use the pool, pool cover is easy to manually pull back. You can also purchase sliding pool cover that are automated. These, however, are rather expensive compared to tarp ones.

Space Efficient Yards

Slide-over pool cover can make the surface of your pool hard again. That means more walkable ground in the yard when you are not using the pool. You will have to invest in solid pool cover of this type because they can cost a lot depending on the size of the pool.

Conceal the Pool

You can convert the yard to a grassy area and completely cover the pool with a solid pool cover. These have to be custom designed to fit how your yard or pool area already looks. If you have the money, concealing the pool can increase space efficiency of your yard and offer privacy.


“Cave in” Effect

Tarp pool cover can cave in under weight, like that of rainwater. Solid pool cover don’t have this effect, but they are more expensive in comparison.

May Not Last Long

Tarp pool cover do not usually last for more than five years. If the tarp cover is exposed to elements a lot, it may require replacing every one or two years.

Complicated Installation

Automated pool cover, that convert pool to ground require customized installation. It can be complicated and costly.

Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures cover up the entire pool area, like a greenhouse. Unlike pool covers, the enclosures do not have to be retracted.


Enhanced Safety

Pool enclosures will keep pets and kids away from the pool area. You can lock the enclosure when not in use and no one else will be able to jump in when you are not home.

More Privacy

Enclosures offer privacy for outdoor pools, especially in crowded neighbourhoods. You can swim without worrying about peeping toms.

Protection of the Elements

Enclosures protect the pool area from heavy rain and snow. You can even swim in winter when it’s snowing with a pool enclosure.



Pool enclosures are excellent, but they have to be designed and custom installed. Therefore, enclosures tend to be quite expensive in general compared to covers.


You should buy a pool enclosure or a cover depending on your needs. If you desire privacy and protection from the elements, go with an enclosure. If you want an affordable way to cover up your pool, a pool cover would be the best option.

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