Landscape Design Tips For Beginners

Whether you have a love of gardening or just want to beautify the outside of your home, landscape gardening is a great solution. This form of gardening allows you to combine your knowledge of plants and growing with your eye for detail and design to create the landscape of your dreams. Even as a novice gardener, there are ways to create a gorgeous look for your home. Find out how with these beginner tips.

  1. Balance out the textures. While lush greenery and floral arrangements will probably be the focal point of your garden, it’s important to balance the visual impact by using harder materials as well. You can use sandstone suppliers to create scenic and functional gravel areas through the pathways of your garden. This type of material allows you to maintain the natural beauty of your garden and stick to an organic ambience.
  2. Consider seasonal factors. When coming up with the design plans for your garden and outdoor areas, it’s important to keep the natural weather patterns in your region into consideration, as well as the sun’s movements around your home. If you want certain areas to be a relaxing shady spot to spend your summer afternoons in, you’ll want to design the area with the sun’s location in mind. Wind can also be a factor – if the wind howls around your garden in one spot, you might want to keep your BBQ out of that area.
  3. Go low-maintenance to begin with. If you’re new to gardening, you have the option of choosing plants and flowers that are easier to manage. Visit your local garden centre and speak to the experts there to find out which plants thrive best in your region, and which will require the least amount of management on your part. Once you’ve got the hang of the basic tasks of gardening, you can work your way up to more complicated features.
  4. Take your time. Designing and implementing a completely new landscaped garden isn’t usually realistic, particularly if you’re a beginner. You can gradually build up your garden over time, starting on a small scale and then working on the weekends to slowly grow your garden into the vision you have in your mind of the final result. In time, if you keep at it, it will bloom into that dream garden, but patience is essential.
  5. Consider a colour scheme. If you want your garden to have a coherent look in terms of the colours used, try seeking out a variety flowers in similar shades of one primary colour. Whites can be beautiful for a stunning spring garden, but bright colours that pop make an impressive impact. Incorporate these brighter colours amongst lighter shades for a beautiful effect.
  6. Create more space with vertical plants. A vertical garden creates an unusual and creative atmosphere while also adding more space into a cramped outdoor area. Use your wall space to work with creepers and potted flowers for a wild and wonderful design feature.
  7. Seek out inspiration. It can be tough to come up with a design plan for your landscaping project if you’ve never done so before. Read up online for design inspiration, look at pictures of gardens you love, and collect ideas to help you piece together your dream garden.

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