How to Buy an Entry Door for Your Home

The entry door is usually the first aspect of your house a guest would notice. Therefore, homeowners should take extra care to make the entry door look appealing as well as secure. So buying an entry door is no easy matter. If you require a new entry door for any reason, here are several shopping tips to keep in mind.

Choose the Design You Want

Entry doors come in many designs and shapes. Other than the traditional inswing or outswing doors, nowadays you can buy sliding doors Adelaide too. Doors can come with features like glass inserts that will look very attractive. Doors with attachments like rails increase looks as well as kick in resistance. Keep all these features in mind when buying a door. Your options are only limited to the amount of time you spend doing research.

Do Physically Check Your Purchase

You can definitely shop for entry doors online. However, it is strongly recommended to physically check your purchase before you buy. The best way to shop is to first browse for available options online. Once you have narrowed down your search, go to the local dealers to check the product personally. There are many things that don’t seem the same in real life as it does online. The colour you see on your computer screen may not look the same in real life for example. So, don’t shop only online.

Energy Efficiency is Important Too

Most homeowners consider the appearance and material of front doors and rarely pay attention to energy efficiency levels. The front door plays an important role in letting heat in and out of the house. Energy efficiency of front doors can be affected by material and design. Steel and fibreglass are great materials for providing extra insulation. Wood is a versatile material that is suitable for both warm and cold climates. Doors with tight fitting frames are more energy efficient than ones that are not. Some door designs are Energy Star rates. That’s also something important to consider when buying energy efficient doors.

Choose the Same Size as the Old Door

When you are replacing an entry door, make sure the new door is the same size as the old one. If you want a larger or a smaller door than before, then you would have to redo the door frame, which involved a lot of work and money. If you are planning on remodeling the home, then this would be find. Otherwise, make sure the door sizes match.

Pay Attention to the Locking Mechanism

Front doors must have very reliable locking mechanisms to keep petty thieves and burglars out. It’s not really the door that offers protection, but the lock. You can always upgrade the lock after you have installed the door. However, the door should be sturdy enough to support a fat lock. Some thieves can jam in tools like crowbars until the lock plate gives in or the door material cracks. So, make sure the door is resistant enough to such efforts.

Once you have taken all of the above into consideration, you will be a better informed entry door buyer.


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