Five tips for a happier life

Being happy and healthy are two of the most universal wishes that all people have. They seem like such simple and modest wants, but the truth is they are not easy to attain. They both require hard work and focus and a degree of making them happen all by yourself. If you are a heavy smoker then you are not exactly helping yourself to be healthy. Similarly there are a number of things, behaviour patterns is you will, that can directly affect our ability to be happy. Here are some simple tips to help you live the happy life you aspire to live.

Live your own life

These days we are completely obsessed with contrasting things and comparing them against each other. Be it price comparisons, rate and date apps or electricity comparison sites ( one of such website is ), we are always out there looking to see how different things stack up against each other. And we do that with our own lives as well. Social media makes it very easy to do, but it is really quite silly and unnecessary. Because people only tend to post the good stuff, that makes their life look glamorous. So don’t be sucked in by what you see on Facebook or Instagram, live your own life, set your own goals and judge your success by how you do in attaining those goals, not by what other people are doing.



Studies have shown that smiling, even if you have to fake it, sends positive messages to your brain and helps to change your outlook on life. So if you find yourself less than happy, make a concerted effort to smile and you might just find things starting to change.


Hang out with the right people

Make sure that you get in with the right crowd. You need to surround yourself with people that you admire, who you can respect and whose company you enjoy. In turn those are hopefully people who will help to big you up and positively affirm you. Decide who it is that you want to be and hang out with people who will compliment you on your journey to achieving that goal.



Do not underestimate the importance of getting the endorphins pumping. Exercise, in whatever form it takes, is a great pick-me-up and mood enhancer. It usually gets you outdoors and it gets you working your body, sweating and taking your mind off the everyday stresses and tribulations that you encounter in life. Exercise, be it a jog or a game of football or some dancing with mates, is one of the best ways to help shake yourself out of a funk. And make sure that you exercise regularly – it’s a great habit to get into.


Make music an integral part of your life and learn to play music that compliments your mood.  In other words, if you are feeling a bit down, play some maudlin tunes, there is nothing worse than trying to play happy songs when you are in a sad place, it conflicts you more and highlights your unhappiness rather than complimenting it. If you are sad, play sad music, you will be surprised how cathartic it will be.



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