Creative Ideas to Give Your Esplanade a Twist

An esplanade is a place that needs to be lively and relaxing. If it is dull and boring people will not even want to pay a visit to it once in a while. Besides the whole idea of you designing an esplanade is to add vibrancy to the community and to give people a place to go to where they can just relax and unwind after a long day or enjoy a jog in to start off their day right. It needs to have that special element that allows everybody to just be themselves and be free. Here are some creative ways in which you can add a twist to your esplanade that will make the people using it fall in love with it immediately.

Add Water Features and Seating

One of the best things that you can bring in to an esplanade is a large and tranquil water feature. It is extremely refreshing for even somebody just passing by to look at it for a few seconds because it has that vibe which pulls out the exhaustion in people and help them relax. If you are based in the city search for park furniture Adelaide to find some great seating and table options that you can beautifully place around this water feature. It will no doubt become one of the best hang out spots in town. All you need to do is pick the right settings and the right seating options.

Add Some Themed Areas

It would really make it interesting to try adding some themed areas in the esplanade. For example, you can have a lane that is all about being urban and innovative and pick the right accessorizing like benches and tables that look abstract and modern. You can have a lane that is themed like a dream catcher avenue and hang dream catchers from the branches of trees in that lane only. You can have a souvenir lane where people can write their names and hang on tea branches or even from a gate like structure that you can provide for them which will act like a souvenir of sorts for them to revisit. You can have a common dining segment where everybody can enjoy a good meal and a drink after enjoying a long walk in the esplanade.

Try to Make It as Pet-Friendly As Possible

People will want to bring along their furry family members along with them for a stroll and will want to let them roam around a little bit. If your esplanade is not pet-friendly it will act against you. Ensure that the area is pet-friendly. However, if you feel like they should not have access to every area due to safety reasons of either the people or the pets, feel free to explain this to the public by means of posters and the likes displayed throughout the esplanade. If you happen to also have a kids area close by, and you feel like the pets might get excited with all that energy, you can separate that area indicating that for safety reasons pets cannot come into that section.

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