Coping With Cockroach Infestations

Even some of us with the tidiest, most well kept homes can sometimes fall prey to an infestation of some nasty little insects. Cockroaches are some of the most common, and when they arrive they tend to stick around. It’s notoriously difficult to remove cockroaches from your home once they’ve made themselves comfortable, but it’s certainly not impossible. There are several steps you can take to help rid your home of these unpleasant intruders, so get ready to take action and clear your space for good.

Call In The Experts

When it comes to cockroaches, sometimes a full-blown attack by a professional agency is the best way to solve the problem once and for all. If you’ve tried all of the recommended tips and still find yourself spotting the little beasts crawling along your kitchen floor at night, the next step will be calling in a specialist pest control franchise to take over. They can spray your entire home with the newest treatments, covering even the most elusive hidden spots, keeping your home cockroach-free for years to come. It won’t cost you a fortune, so this is a great option if you’re really ready to be rid of insect infestations.

Say Goodbye To Food Residue

While you may believe that you keep your home completely squeaky clean, even small amounts of mess can attract cockroaches and lead them to make a home for themselves in your house. The simplest and most natural solution to cockroach infestations is to prevent them from arriving in the first place. This means washing up every dish immediately and not ever leaving dishes soaking overnight in the sink, thoroughly cleaning all kitchen counters every evening before bed, and cleaning the stovetop on a regular basis to prevent any food residue from building up. Hopefully, there’ll be nothing left in your kitchen for the roaches to find.

Close Off The Entry Points

Cockroaches have an amazing talent for crawling through even the most miniscule cracks and gaps in your cupboards or walls. You’ll need to seal off any entry or exit points so they really have nowhere to go. Once they’re trapped in your home, you’ll be able to tackle the problem head on, and their friends from outside will find it more difficult to get in.

Mix Up A Cockroach Trap

Many cockroach-killing sprays can be toxic to small children and pets, so a natural mixture is always a sensible first step. To trap and kill the cockroaches, combine a mixture of boric acid with powdered confectionary sugar. The cockroaches sniff out the delicious sugar and come crawling over for a taste, only to be quickly snuffed out by the poisonous boric acid. Boric acid is relatively harmless to humans and pets, so this is a safe solution that could solve your problem.

Cool Down The House

You may have noticed that cockroaches run rampant in the summer months and tend to disappear during the winter. This is because they love warm weather. While you can’t control the sunshine, you can try to keep your home cool enough that they won’t feel like hanging around. As much as your energy bills allow, try to cool the house down with air conditioning and fans so that the environment won’t be so comfortable to nasty insects.

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