How to Clean and Care for Wooden Furniture and Features

Whether it’s furniture, paneling, or doorways, any wooden item around the house needs proper cleaning and treatment to prolong its life. Different types of wood also require different treatment and maintenance, and the age of the wood can matter too. Here are some cleaning and preservations jobs you need to know about.

Wood Siding

If your house has wood siding made of cypress or cedar (which are the commonest siding woods), you will need to use a pressure washer for the cleaning. You have to be wary of mold, especially when the weather is humid and wet. Mold can cause rotting, and if your siding starts to rot, you will have to replace it. Make sure to pressure wash the siding regularly to prevent this.

Doors and Windows

You should hire a company known to fix window Melbourne houses have. When these features of the house are damaged (by rot, termites, and so on), it’s best to call in the experts to replace and treat the wood. Repairing weatherboards, restoring damaged timber, sanding, repainting, and applying anti-rot and fungal treatment are all necessary to preserve the wood, but these are best left to the professionals.

Wooden Decks

Most decks are made from highly durable materials like redwood, cedar, or treated pine. These are generally insect-resistance and are not vulnerable to rot, as with most other woods. However, with sunlight, as well as general wear and tear, wooden decks tend to need special care. A durable finish can only provide basic protection, but moisture, weather, and foot traffic all contribute to damage. When cleaning the deck, use a deck cleaner to scrub and rinse the planks with a stiff bristle brush. A power washer may be necessary for large decks. If there are dull gray stains, this is most likely just mildew. Depending on the lumber used, the treatment required will vary. Make sure to check before using any UV blockers or oils on the wood. When you’ve acquired the right product for the finish, apply using a paint roller or pump sprayer for best effect.


Normal leaning and maintenance of wooden furniture is simple. Dust the furniture thoroughly, and wipe down with a soft damp cloth, followed quickly by a dry cloth to prevent moisture from setting in. if the furniture has an unsealed finish, wash them down with soapy water using a cloth, then dry immediately. If the furniture is varnished, damp dust first, followed by a quick polish with a cloth made from chamois leather, or apply spray polish using a cloth. If you have veneer, you must be extra careful. Damp dust if it’s unsealed, or sponge with soapy water and dry if covered with synthetic coating. If there is a wax coating, you’re best off using a ready-made wood cleaning soap and a soft cloth.

Take care when treating wooden furniture and features around the house, as each type of wood requires different cleaning and treatment procedures. If you are unsure about what woods you have or which procedures to follow, contact a professional to do the initial work. Afterwards, you can ask for advice on future maintenance that you can do yourself.

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