6 Steps To A More Stylish Kitchen

When designing their kitchen space, many people end up neglecting style and decor in favour of focusing on functionality. While your kitchen should certainly be practical, the overall look and atmosphere of the space shouldn’t be ignored. Your kitchen is a focal point of your home – it’s the room where you probably do the most socialising, and it’s a space many guests will see when they visit. Take your kitchen from bland functionality to trend-setting style with these 7 easy steps.

  1. Get help with the design. Not everyone has an eye for interior design, and even those of us who do often don’t have the time to design our own home with all of the other responsibilities in our lives. Get input from a specialist service that can design modern kitchens melbourne that will seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetic of your home. They can advise you on what trends and features will work best in your space and take charge of the project, leaving you time to focus on your busy life.
  2. Light up the room. Carefully selected lighting can do wonders for the style of your kitchen. Regardless of the overall style or theme you choose for your space, adequate lighting is essential. The kitchen should be bright and airy, with strategic lighting for the areas where you’re likely to work, like the stove and sink, as well as overhead lights that give a gorgeous glow to the whole space. Play with proportions and designs to find the look that suits you best.
  3. Choose materials that fit your lifestyle. If you’re someone who spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, you’ll want to pick materials that combine utility with style. If you’re concerned about the kitchen renovation cost melbourne, you can consult a specialist to find out which materials within your budget will work best for your lifestyle. For example, someone who cooks frequently and is bound to make a mess may want to incorporate colourful splashback tiles that look great without creating cleaning problems, or quartz countertops that don’t stain easily.
  4. Use colour to add character. A splash of bright colour in an unexpected place can quickly brighten up your kitchen, and using a variety of tones in your wall tiles could add some extra character. Try to avoid going for the stark all-white style that many have favoured for their kitchens in the past, and experiment with more interesting colour schemes to create a kitchen that’s truly unique.
  5. Incorporate comfort. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be a purely functional room, it can also transform into an entertaining space where you can chat with guests and enjoy the company of your family. Use interesting décor pieces, artwork, and plants to make the space feel as much a part of your home as any other room in the house.
  6. Upgrade if you’re on a budget. If a total renovation isn’t on the cards this year, there are ways to add a dash of style to your kitchen without a major change. Give old cabinets a fresh lick of paint, scout out some new storage solution features to eliminate clutter, or change up the knobs and handles in the space to give your kitchen a brand new look.

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