6 Great Tips to Store Food Items in the Refrigerator

One of the main factors of eating nutritious food is making sure that your food is clean. Here are some great tips for you to try out to keep your food items fresh and un-spoilt.

Just because food is traditionally stored in cupboards, doesn’t mean that it always makes the most sense. In fact, drawers act as incredible food storage solutions because they provide easy access to contents in both the front and back of the cabinet space.

Keep Your Refrigerator Squeaky Clean At All Times

It is where you store your food after all! Try to maintain a clean refrigerator all the time. Make sure you clean up the spills immediately without letting them freeze, becoming extremely difficult to even scrape off. Plus the spills might leak into other food items, making the inside of the fridge unattractive, or if it is something like soup that you spilled, it might start to smell.

The Right Way to Store the Vegetables

Most of us might still not know how to store carrots, pumpkins and all kinds of other vegetables. Start removing the vegetables and fruits from the plastic wrap and start wiping away all the moisture off of the vegetables and even the fruits. Make sure that you store the vegetables and fruits separately. And you can even store the veggies and the fruits in produce bags.

Keep the Refrigerator at the Correct Temperature

Make sure that you maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator at 40F. Insert a thermometer in the fridge to measure the temperature and know your way to adjust the temperature to the right amount at all times. Just because you brought in a big tub of ice cream it does not mean you have to reduce the temperature inside of the fridge. That is what the freezer is for!

Way to Store the Leftovers

Start with labelling all the leftovers once you have covered them properly; be it meat and even dairy products. Since these food items might have been cooked previously you might want to store them above the raw food items to make sure they receive a colder environment.

Organize The Shelves Of Your Refrigerator This Way

Keep the ready-to-eat food items and completely cooked leftovers on the top shelf. Store raw seafood and eggs on the second shelf and on the third shelf you should store the whole beef or steak. You can store raw pork including ham and bacon on the fourth shelf and do remember to store raw ground meat on the fifth shelf. Do not hesitate to store poultry on the bottom shelf.

Go ahead with the tip you knew all along and store the drinks and condiments on the door. However, since the temperature of the refrigerator’s door tends to fluctuate, dairy products such as milk would go bad soon, so make sure you store it in the body of the fridge.

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Be Aware Of the Ethylene Gas

Did you know that some of the food items in your fridge can produce Ethylene Gas? And if the other ethylene-sensitive food items including fruits and veggies are exposed to this gas, there is a great chance they also go bad fast. Look up for a list of items that produce ethylene gas and another food items list that are sensitive to the gas and ensure that you know when they would go bad.

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