4 High-Tech Solutions To Keep Your Home And Business Safe

Technology is changing our lives and the way the world works in every way imaginable, so it’s no surprise that tech gadgets are making their way into the home and business security sector. There are tons of fascinating and exciting tech solutions making their way onto the market that could make your home and business safer than ever before. Interested in turning your home and business into a high-tech security haven? Check out these four gadgets.

Wireless Security Monitoring

Having a security system installed at your home or business is an obvious necessity, but a quick upgrade to better technology could revolutionise the effectiveness of your current system. Companies like ART Security offer the latest wireless monitoring security systems to keep you safe. Upgrading to a wireless system will allow you to receive full event reporting with no need for a telephone line installation, as well as more reliable functioning 24/7. This is one tech upgrade that won’t end up costing you more – you’ll actually saving money by skipping out those unnecessary telecom fees.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Most people are happy with a good old CCTV camera system, but if you’re looking for something a little flashier for your front door, check out the innovative new Nest Cam Outdoor. This product offers 24/7 live video feeds in 1080p HD, clear night vision, instant alerts when motion is detected, weatherproof features, and a built-in speaker system that allows you to talk to whoever is on the other end of the camera without even having to open the door. It’s simple to install, but of course, a little on the pricy side. This is a product for the serious security tech aficionado.

 Nest Protect Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Protecting your home from gas and fire is just as important as protecting it from intruders, so a good quality alarm is certainly an essential. Some are content to stick with the traditional smoke detectors, but for those who want to get digital with their alarm systems, there’s the Nest alarm. This smoke and carbon monoxide alarm flashes a light and uses a human voice recording to warn you if it detects anything suspicious, as well as sending alerts to an app on your phone. The alarm is set to steadily get louder if nobody hears it, so you can be sure that you’ll be aware should anything go wrong in your home. This clever gadget also tests itself on a regular basis throughout the day to ensure that it’s functioning properly, saving you the trouble of regular alarm checks.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Still using regular old door locks? Welcome to 2017, where keys are no longer needed. The Kwikset Smart Lock works with your smartphone to open your doors, and allows you to create a list of people who are also approved to open the lock using their own phone. You can edit this list as you see fit, and receive alerts whenever someone opens the door. The gadget uses Bluetooth technology to ensure that you never have to fumble around looking for your keys in the dark ever again. It’s also surprisingly simple to install. Just try not to lose your cellphone.

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